Inflation credibility and debt forgiveness

If Central Banks are so averse to heightened inflationary expectations in order to protect their proclaimed and hard won spoils of battle then another way to tackle the consumer demand problem is to direct efforts at the heart of the problem. Households still suffering from their indebted balance sheets should through a combination of government financed programs and financial industry initiative agree on a level of debt forgiveness. It should be remembered that the tax payer saved Wall Street salaries and bonuses and it is high time for payback. A small attempt at redistributing wealth in order to provide/ create a healthier footing to the US Economy at large.  


The Dilemma

Clearly there is a very reasoned response to those who wish to find blame on the current state of Greece’s predicament. The road to perdition is long and really at this stage not worth delving in.

Ultimately though the dilemma boils down to what type of a future does the Hope generation wish to have in its pursuit of the ray of light at the end of the long tunnel?

1-Will youth opt to become part of the current corrupt system of public (dis)service, a life of zero expectations and the abuse of tax payer money, a system abandoned by all mature societies or will

2- The Hope generation enter a world where government becomes its guiding torch, where it does not need to tax the future of the next generation to sustain its current existence, where the rule of law works efficiently for all its citizens, where its political system is socially sensitive and not self-serving, where it is able to unleash the power of individual creativity adding value to its community & society.

The real question therefore confounding Hellenes is which world they aspire to live in.