Mr Stournaras and bad economics revisited

In an article in the newspaper Sunday Vima today Stournaras tries to justify his property tax saying there is a lot of negative reaction by the wealthy to the tax and it is time for them to pay. It states the government is explicitly targeting the rich and this is why they have called it a left tax. He furthermore states that  he will fight to impose it.

In my previous article I contend that Stournaras is dangerous for Greece's health because he adamantly believes in bad REVENGEFULL economics which he has erroneously been taught but which sells to his populist political audience without recourse to the real economics see my 2nd blogspot below.

But what he fails to say is that he is trying to protect big government and his own privileged position see my blog below without any remorse about the crumbling personal finances of Greek households and the destruction of wealth around him. It appears that for him his job protection  as well as those of his colleagues is more important than the well being of his country.

As far as his contention that it is the rich which are being hit by his property tax, it is propaganda that sells well to the public, however he seems to be living in fantasy land and has not realised that many flats in most underprivileged neighbourhoods are selling below distressed prices in some cases for less than 5000 euros to pay for his property taxes. Look around you Mr Stournaras is this the rich class you are destroying?

In my book an Economics Minister has the power to destroy or rebuild a country this Economics Minister  remains dangerous for Greeks's well being see my two blogs below.

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