The Greek tourist product in reply to a blogger

Greece has undoubtedly one of the best tourist products available worldwide.

1- Fantastic weather

2-Fantastic beaches

3-Fantastic crystal clear temperate waters

4-One of the richest cultures

5-One of the richest of histories

6-The birth of civilization

7-The birth of education, 

............and so on and so forth. 

Now if you are able to combine these privileges uniquely available to Greece with the local traditions of each periphery one can add unequalled genuine value to the tourist product which then can sell at a premium to the all inclusive product. A product which is identical whether you find it in Greece , Turkey, Croatia ,Spain or wherever its available. So maintaining the all inclusive is not a long term strategy for a country empowered with such abundant riches. It degrades its inherited wealth to the lowest common denominator and transforms what can become a unique experience into a mere cheap commodity. 

If we want to differentiate our product  based on our comparative advantages this, I believe, is the road to our future in Hellenic Tourism. 

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