The Greek simple

The Eurozone does not seem to grasp the messages being sent from Greece's last election results and Syriza's prominence to government.

1- There is no doubt the previous Greek government implemented disastrous policies impoverishing Greeks without embarking in any meaningful reforms in an attempt to protect their own hard won privileges and playing good cop to the Eurozone, this way they could on the one hand keep the Europeans happy and on the other tell the Greeks it is all the Troika's fault. A game of compromise whose ultimate victim was Greece's unsuspecting citizen.

2- However, what they missed is that all this austerity brought Greeks to a dead end. They could no longer live a respectable life continuing to observe a misstructured program serving the Greek nomenclatura. Greeks had reached their limits of austerity.They no longer have anything to give under the terms of the previous governments self serving program.

3- In such circumstances, it is not a question of the Dutch or German tax payers, for that matter, paying more to finance Greece’s pensioners. Its very simply that if push comes to shove Greeks will not be able to coexist with the current program and opt to exit the Eurozone and regain their dignity.What the EZ should then ask is how much will the German or Dutch tax payers pay when Greece defaults and what will the ultimate repercussions of such an outcome be? This is not black mail it is the common responsibility bestowed upon a Eurozone for the erroneous policies which have been in effect in Greece in total Unison.

 4- Isnt it then clearly in the interests of the whole of Europe to allow some slack and common sense to prevail and come to an agreement? It is not beyond them to accept, that what may have partly worked in Portugal has been disastrously administered by the previous government and should now be reconstituted to allow the possibility* of real reform efforts to take effect.

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